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Baronial 12th Night 1/5/2019

Baronial 12th Night  Stanley, the guest of honor, created by Mary Dahlberg Soteltie – a Boar’s head with sweet meats and fine pies (here be the bean and the pea) & Trayne Roast (mock entrails) On Table Bryndons-a sweet and fruity sauce - Harl. MS 279, 1430 Mortrews of Chicken & Pork and Fish - an early form of pate Harl. MS 279, 1430 Compost -pickled vegetables, olives and capers Forme of Curye, 1390 Let Lardes – hard custard flavored with herbs cooked in bacon grease Harl. MS 4016, 1450 First Course Rastons Harl. MS 279, 1430 Blawnche perrye with peas – creamed leeks and onions with peas Harl. MS 279, 1430  (milk subbed for almond milk) Beef-y-stewed –stewed beef Harl. MS 279, 1430 Brawn with Mustard- pork with mustard The good husvvifes ievvell, 1587 Garbage - stewed chicken offal (hearts, gizzards, livers, feet, neck) Harl. MS 279, 1430  Second Course Capon Farced – chicken stuffed with a mixture of sausage, onions and grapes, roasted Harl. MS