Past Feasts

Crown Tournament 10/19/2019

餃子 Vegetarian Gyoza
福神漬 Sarada yō kyabetsu (Japanese Slaw) 
Gomae ほうれん草ごまえ(Spinach )Wakasagi Nanbanzuke - Smelt in the “Southern Barbarian Style”
Kuri Gohan (chestnut rice)
Kabocha no Nimonao (simmered squash or pumpkin)
Matsutake shiru (clear mushroom soup)
Shōga pōku-maki nasu (ginger pork rolls stuffed with eggplant)
Kakuni (braised pork belly)
Suppon Nabe (Turtle Soup)
Kaki (persimmons) and Tanjerin (tangerine)
Jasumin matcha aisukurīmu (jasmine green tea ice cream)
Agar agar (kanten)
Red bean paste (anko)and kuromitsu (sweet sugar syrup)

Baronial 12th Night 1/5/2019

Bryndons-a sweet and fruity sauce - Harl. MS 279, 1430
Mortrews of Chicken & Pork and Fish - an early form of pate Harl. MS 279, 1430
Compost -pickled vegetables, olives and capers Forme of Curye, 1390
Let Lardes – hard custard flavored with herbs cooked in bacon grease Harl. MS 4016, 1450
Rastons Harl. MS 279, 1430
Blawnche perrye with peas – creamed leeks and onions with peas Harl. MS 279, 1430 (milk subbed for almond milk)
Beef-y-stewed –stewed beef Harl. MS 279, 1430
Brawn with Mustard- pork with mustard The good husvvifes ievvell, 1587
Garbage - stewed chicken offal (hearts, gizzards, livers, feet, neck) Harl. MS 279, 1430
Capon Farced – chicken stuffed with a mixture of sausage, onions and grapes, roasted Harl. MS 279, 1430
Pickle for the Mallard – onion jam Harl. MS 279, 1430
Guissell- bread dumplings Harl. MS 4016, 1450
Roasted Chestnuts, Turnips and Sage Le Menagier de Paris, 1393
Cheese & Nuts
Spiced apples and pears Chiquart's 'On Cookery’, 1420
Creme Bastarde Harl. MS 279 1430
A white leach A Closet for Ladies and Gentlewomen 1602
Jellied Ypocras
Gingerbread Harl. MS 279, 1430
Marchpane A Book of Cookrye, 1591
Marzipan (coriander flavored) A Daily Exercise for Ladies and Gentlewomen, 1621
Candied Fruit Peels Le Menagier de Paris, 1393
Candied Fruit (quince, plums and pears) English Housewife, 1615
Fruit Paste - Plum Paste & Fig, Walnut and Candied Ginger (a rift of Rapeye--I claim cooks perogative) The treasurie of commodius conceits 1573
Comfits of Anise and Coriander The queen-like closet 1670
Manus Christi - A Closet for Ladies and Gentlevvomen, 1602
Kissing Comfits - Kissing Comfits, Delightfull daily exercise for Ladies and Gentlewomen, 1621

Collegium Feast Winged Hills Collegium And South Oaken Arts and Sciences Faire March 10 A.S. LII (2018)

Brawn with Mustard, pickled grapes, red and yellow wine jellies, red beets and jagged oranges
A Grand Sallet - Lettuce, Olives, Capers, Pickled Mushrooms, Raisins (or currents), Almonds, Figs, Peas, Aparagus and Artichoke Hearts drizzled with a dressing of olive oil & vinegar
A Hash of Beef, Otherways
A Savory Oatmeal Pudding
A made dish of chicken, sausages, cabbages, turnips, cauliflower and chestnuts.
A Made dish of Curds
To make a Peasecod Dish in puff Paste, two ways.
Comfits and other sweetmeats - Manus Christi, Rock Candy, Anise, Caraway and Fennel in comfit, Candied Ginger, Orange and Lemon Peels
Sekanjabin - A Syrup made with vinegar and mint - Fihrist of al-Nadim c10th c.
A Syrupe to cool the stomach - A Syrup of Orange, Lemon and Pomegranate juices - A Booke of Diuers Medecines, Broothes, Salves, Waters, Syroppes and Oyntements, 1606
An Apple Drink with Sugar & Honey - The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Opened 1669

Curia Regis 9/10/17 - Brunch for Curia Regis of the Midrealm, which incuded the Royal Family and the great officers of state and serves as the official advisory board.

Egges yn Brewte (Gentyll Manly Cokere, MS Pepys 1047, C. 1490)
Savoury Tostyde (TheCloset of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digbie, Kt, Opened, C. 1669)
Gammon of Bacon (A Book of Cookrye,1591)
Eisands with Oatmeale Groats (A Book of Cookrye, 1591)
To Stew Shrimps being taken out of their shells (The Accomplisht Cook, c. 1660 - To stew Cockles being taken out of the shells.)
A Fryed Meate (Pancakes) in Haste for the Second Course (The Whole Body of Cookery Dissected, 1682)
Funges (The Forme of Cury, c. 1390)
Chawatteys (Harleian MS 279, c. 1430)
Compost (The Forme of Cury, c. 1390)

Assorted Banqueting Dishes

To Dry Peaches - The Queen-like Closet (1675) CCXV. To dry Apricocks – peaches, sugar
Orange Marmalade - The Queen-like Closet (1675) - LXXXVI. To make the best Orange Marmalade. - Orange Marmalade-orange, apple, sugar, water, lemon
Rose Conserve - The Queen-like Closet (1675) – LXXXVIII. To make Conserve of red Roses.- roses, sugar
Comfits of Anise, Caraway and Fennel Delightes for Ladies, 1609 – sugar, anise, fennel or caraway, water
Succades of Lemons and Oranges - - The Treasurie ofCommodius Conceites and Hidden Secrets by John Partridge, 1573 Lemon or oranges, water, sugar
To Make Quidinia of Quinces (Quince Paste) (Delights for Ladies, Sir Hugh Platt, 1600)
– quince, sugar, honey, apples, pears
Onion Pottage w/French bread and Cheese (The Accomplisht Cook, c. 1660)
Pork Pie with Mustard (The Whole Body of Cookery Dissected, 1682)
Cold Roast Chicken with Choice of Sauce (white garlic, cold sage or must)
Cold Lentil Salad (out of period)
Roasted Root Veggies (out of period)
Pickles - dill & sweet, Banana Peppers and Black and Green Olives
Fruit (apples, grapes, oranges)

SCA Feast - Push for Pennsic July 9-11,2004 Early Roman Style Feast

Cucumeres (Braised Cucumber)
Lucanicae (grilled Sausages)
Epityrum (olives)
Moretum (herbed Cheese spread)
Petaso paro Mustacei (Smoked Pork (ham) with sweet Wine cakes)
Erebinthoi Knakosymmigeis (chickpeas with Saffron)
Krambe (Roman Cabbage)
Itria (Sesame Seed Biscuit)
Basyniai (Fig and Walnut Cakes)
Assorted Fresh and dried fruit
Assorted Sugared Nuts
Aliter ius in pisce elixo, Apicius (Fish Baked with Coriander)

A Hobbit's Feast

A Shire Pie
Roasted Roots
Braised Cabbage with Bacon
Apple and Blackberry Tartlets

Mushroom Pasty
Olio Podrida
Bolonia Sausages with Mustard and CaperBerries
Buttered Onions Otherways
A Diverse Sallet
Taffety Tarts
Stewed Collops and Balls
Buttered Rice
Gourds Otherways with Orange-Butter Sauce
To Boyle Garden Beans
A Made Dish of Elizabethan Sweets - Perys in Compost, Boyled Crème, Marchpane, Sugar Paste, Candied Fruit
Alternate Dishes:  First- Chick Peas with Herbs,  Second- Stuffed Eggplant

A Selection of Dishes from Harleian MS 279 published approximately 1430 -Capon or Goose Stuffed, Pickle for the Mallard (Onion Jam), Let lory (Fresh Cheese)

Ceilidh XVI March 29th, 2003  *Featuring Recipes from Mary Savelli's Tastes of Anglo Saxon England

Mearh Smeamete -Sausage Casserole
Hlaf - Bread
Æppla Syfling -Apple Butter
Caules Wyrtmete -Cabbage salad 
Hriðer Smeamete Stewed Beef
Beren Briw Barley Polenta
Hunigbæe Moran Honeyed Carrots 
Brǣdan Fisc-Fish baked with Coriander (Ancient Recipe - Apicius) 
Pisan Peas with salt and oil* 
Sumerlio rnearhgehæcc Summer Pudding***
Hunigæppel Honey Nut Cakes

SCA Feast - Ceilidh XIV - A Fourteenth Century Italian Feast - February 24, 2001

Torta d'agli-Garlic torta(boiled garlic, farmers and cream cheese, baked in a pastry shell)
Une Vinaigrette-A Vinegar Dish (grilled beef and onions, serves with a sauce of beef broth, red wine vinegar, ginger and pepper)
Fungi di Monte-Mountain Mushrooms (mushrooms cooked with olive oil, and spices)
Del Brodo Saracenico--Saracen Chicken (Chicken cooked with white wine, almonds, dates, prunes, raisins, fresh apples and pears)
Cretonniee de pois--peas cooked in almond milk
De Lasanis--Lasagne (noodles made from fermented dough, boiled, and served with pepper and cheese)
Dirola--Darioles (a yellow custard tart, flavored with cinnamon and rosewater topped with candied orange peel)
Torta Bianca--White Tart (a white tart flavored with cream cheese and ginger, topped with candied cherries)

Ceilidh XV's Early Roman Feast Held March 9, 2002

Rosatum (Rose Wine)
Aliter Sala Cattabia--Snow Cooled Alexandrian Loaf (Cumin bread stuffed with chicken, cheese, onions, pinenuts and capers)
Aliter Cymas--Roman Coleslaw (Boiled cabbage salad)
Lenticula de Castaneis (Lentils with Chestnuts)
Farcimina (Sausages)
Pullus Farsilis (Stuffed Chicken in Sour Sauce)Trimalchio's Pastry Eggs (hard boiled eggs stuffed with shrimp or chicken, wrapped in pastry and baked)
Betas (Raisin stuffed beets)
Caroetae Frictae (Fried Carrots)
Aliter Porros (Char-broiled Leeks)
Apothermum sic Facies (Bulgur with Nuts and Raisins)
Dulcia Domestica--Home made Sweet (Stuffed Dates in Honey)

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