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A Fridayes Pye, without eyther Flesh or Fish - Beet and Apple Pie with Raisins

A Fridayes Pye made with Greens instead of beets During my research, I ran across a recipe that caught my attention for a dish that could be prepared for large banquets that could be served warm or room temperature.  The recipe can be found in John Murrell’s “ A new booke of Cookerie ”.   In our most recent meeting of our cook’s group, I brought this dish.  It was agreed that it was very pleasant tasting.  I didn’t miss the meat in this dish and I believe it would make a great starter dish for any banquet, possibly alongside some fresh cheese. Recipe WAsh greene Beetes cleane, picke out the middle string, and chop them small with two or three well relisht ripe Apples. Season it with Pepper, Salt, and Ginger: then take a good handfull of Razins of the Sunne, and put all in a Coffin of fine Paste, with a piece of sweet Butter and so bake it: but before you serue it in, cut it vp, and wring in the iuyce of an Orenge, and Sugar   (Gloning, 2001). Note: The Beetes that are being