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Cooking Adventures

Here you will find tidbits of things  I have researched or am busy researching. I do not promise rhyme  nor reason to the things that catch my fancy or send me off on a wild goose chase. I do hope that it will be an entertaining and educational look at the madness behind the process.

Crown Tourney Fall 2019 - Research

Symbolism -- Turtle - Story of Urashima Taro-Symbolic of wisdom, luck, longevity and protection

Symbolism -- Marimo Balls - Legend of the Marimo- Symbolic of love, luck and prosperity

Symbolism -- Power of Five - Five colors, tastes, and ways to prepare--brief look on why the number four is unlucky

Research Sources and Inspiration - A list of some of the resources that I used to research and put together the banquet and a brief essay on the inspiration for the meal that will be served.

What is Honzen Ryori Style?