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Canabenys with Lekys - White Beans with Leeks

Canabenys with Lekys  2   For to make canabenez : Take white beans. Ley hem in watyr rennyng too days, and chaunge the watyr. Take hem dry, then dry hem hard uppon a ston or apron a este.  Then shylle them in a mylle, and do away the holys; and cleve the benys iii or iiii at the most.  And then take hem clene. And so may thou kepe hem as longe as thou wylte. 3   Canabens.   Take kanbens. Wesch hem, and yf thu wilte stepe hem a lytyll, & make hem up with mylke of almondys. Put therto, sugure and salt. Out of lentyn, make hem up with cowe mylke, and put therto sygure and salt and buttyrr claryfyde.  4   Canabens with Bacon.   Do suete brothe yn a potte. Wesche the canabens clene and do therto, and boyle yt up: put no other lykure therto. Loke they be salte, & serve hem. Take ribbys of bacon boylyd; do away the skyn and ley hem on a dysch, and serve hem forthe as ye serve venson with formente yn brothe.  This weekend I will be serving "C