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SCA Feast - Ceilidh XVI March 29th, 2003

Ceilidh XVI - March 29th, 2003 Featuring Several Recipes from Mary Savelli’s “Tastes of Anglo Saxon England” First Course                         Mearh Smeamete -Sausage Casserole Hlaf - Bread Æppla Syfling -Apple Butter Caules Wyrtmete -Cabbage salad      Second Course Hriðer Smeamete Stewed Beef Beren Briw Barley Polenta Hunigbæe Moran Honeyed Carrots Third Course Sciellfisc-Shellfish* Brǣdan Fisc-Fish baked with Coriander* Pisan Peas with salt and oil* Fourth Course Sumerlio rnearhgehæcc Summer Pudding*** Hunigæppel Honey Nut Cakes **Caveat** It has been 12 years since this banquest was cooked, once again, many of my redactions have been lost to time. Several recipes (denoted with a *) my best guesses on food that could have been served based on archeological digs and cooking methods.  The "Fish baked with Coriander" is Roman in origin, as well as the Honey-Nut Cakes.  Summer pudding is modern in origin. I have take

SCA Feast - Ceilidh XIV - A Fourteenth Century Italian Feast - February 24, 2001

Ceilidh XIV February 24, 2001  VA Medical Center Feast Menu--A Fourtenth Century Italian feast by Browyn nf Mhaithon *Many of my redactions for this feast have been lost to time. Those I have remembered I have placed here.  The recipes that are offered must be attributed directly to the books from which they were first found.  First Remove Torta d'agli-Garlic torta(boiled garlic, farmers and cream cheese, baked in a pastry shell) Une Vinaigrette-A Vinegar Dish (grilled beef and onions, serves with a sauce of beef broth, red wine vinegar, ginger and pepper) Fungi di Monte-Mountain Mushrooms (mushrooms cooked with olive oil, and spices) Second Remove Del Brodo Saracenico--Saracen Chicken (Chicken cooked with white wine, almonds, dates, prunes, raisins, fresh apples and pears) Cretonniee de pois--peas cooked in almond milk De Lasanis--Lasagne (noodles made from fermented dough, boiled, and served with pepper and cheese) Third Remove Co