Testing Recipes -- Om mosterdsaus te maken - To Make Mustard SauceNyeuwen Coock Boeck

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Insalata di arance tagliate a fette, servite con zucchero e acqua di rose - Sliced orange salad with rosewater and sugar

Per far minestra di Lenti secche - To prepare a thick soup of dried lentils

A far morselletti Romaneschi - To make Roman style morsels

Capponi sopramentati serviti freddi con caparetti sopra - capon sopramentati

Vaccina salpresa alessata, servito con petrosemolo -Cold salted beef lightly spiced

How to pickle Cowcumbers, The whole body of cookery dissected; Rabisha, 1661

Harleain MS 279 (ab. 1430) - xlviij. Tayloures & Cxiiij. Tayleȝ - Rice Porridge with Currants & Dates or Figs, Dates and Raisins + Bonus Recipes for Poudre Douce (Sweet Powder)

Harleian MS. 279 (ab 1430) -.Cxliiij. Schyconys with þe bruesse - Chicken with the Broth Bonus Recipe: Strong Spice Powder

Robert May's "To Make French Bread the Best Way"