Sausages, Otherways, The Accomplisht Cook, Robert May



Mince pork with beef-suet, and mince some sage, and put to it some pepper, salt, cloves, and mace; make it into balls, and keep it for your use, or roll them into little sausages some four or five inches long as big as your finger; fry six or seven of them, and serve them in a dish with vinegar or juyce of orange.

Thus you may do of a leg of veal, and put nothing but salt and suet; and being fried, serve it with gravy and juyce of orange or butter and vinegar; and before you fry them flower them. And thus mutton or any meat.

Or you may add sweet Herbs or Nutmeg: and thus Mutton.

Interpreted Recipe

2 pounds ground pork for sausage
½ tsp. Ground pepper mix
½ tsp. Mixed spices (sage, clove, mace)
1 tsp. Salt
1 small onion grated

In a large bowl combine pork, spices, salt and onion and mix well.  Shape by rounded tablespoonfulls into balls, or, roll them into small sausage shaped logs the size of your finger. 

To serve: Cook until done, and serve with a sprinkling of orange juice or vinegar.  

Note: These make an excellent and economical way of rounding out a meat course.