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Dayboard: Push for Pennsic - 16th & Early 17th Century Italian Dishes

 Served July 9, 2022, for Aveline de Ceresbroch

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to cook for a dear friend and prepare a dayboard for the Push for Pennsic event held in my hometown of Troy, Ohio. The event was hosted by the Marche of Havenhold. This was a fun meal to put together and I am grateful for the opportunity to have done it. Thank you Aveline for asking :-) I was able to work with a few recipes that I did not think I would be able to do on a much larger scale. I learned quite a few new things, and, several recipes will be making an appearance again!

Most of the recipes can be found in "The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi". However, two of the recipes are found in Bartolomeo Stefani's "L' Arte di ben cucinare", available for free on Google Books at the link in the title. I had to translate from the original language into English, and then construct the recipe. Lastly, Project Gutenberg's "A Book Of Fruits And Flowers" by Anonymous supplied another recipe.

The menu is below:

Uva Fresca di Piu sorti - grapes of all manners - Scappi

Mandorle e noci fresche -Fresh walnuts and almonds -Scappi

Mostaccioli a la Romana - sweet cake - Del Turco

Ingredient list - sugar, flour, almond flour, egg yolk, cinnamon powder, opt: dried fruit

Biscottini di zuccaro - Sugar Biscuits - Stefani

Ingredient list - egg white, sugar

Preparare una gattafura di cipolle alla genovese. - To prepare Genevese Onion gattafura (tart) Scappi

Ingredient list - pastry dough (whole wheat and white flour mix, oil, salt & water), fresh mozzarella balls, onions, vinegar, salt and pepper

Vaccina salpresa alessata, servito con petrosemolo Salted pressed beef, boiled served with parsley - Scappi

Ingredient list: Beef, salt, pink salt, coriander, black pepper, garlic powder, fenne

Per cuocere Broccoli asciutti. - to cook dry broccoli - Scappi

Ingredient list - broccoli, olive oil, garlic, orange juice, salt, and pepper

Per far minestra di Lenti secche - To prepare a thick soup of dried lentils - Scappi

Ingredient list - lentils, garlic, pepper, salt, olive oil, lemon, fresh herbs

Insalata di arance tagliate a fette, servite con zucchero e acqua di rose - Sliced orange salad with orange flower water and sugar - Scappi

Ingredient list - oranges, orange flower water, lemon juice, dates, mint

Cascio - A Selection of Cheese - Manchego, White Cheddar & Gouda

Per preparare un twist ripieno. - To prepare a filled twist. - fruit stuffed pastry - Scappi

Ingredient list - currants (or raisins), dates, red wine, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, rosewater, flour, yeast, eggs, butter, salt

Conditi, & confettioni a beneplacito Comfits and candies to one's taste - Scappi

  • Spanish Wedges

  • Marzipan flavored with Quince

  • Quince Paste

  • Candied Angelica, Orange, Ginger, and Lemon Peels

  • Figs in the French Fashion


"L' Arte Di Ben Cucinare". Google Books, 2022, Accessed 18 July 2022.

"The Opera Of Bartolomeo Scappi (1570)". Google Books, 2022, Accessed 18 July 2022.

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