A declaration of certaine qualities of seedes, hearbes, floures, rootes, and waters

Prepositas his practise a vvorke very necessary to be vsed for the better preseruation of the health of man. Wherein are not onely most excellent and approued medicines, receiptes, and ointmentes of great vertue, but also most pretious waters, against many infirmities of the body. The way how to make euery the said seuerall medicines, receiptes, and ointmentes. With a table for the ready finding out of euery the diseases, and the remedies for the same. Translated out of Latin into English by L.M.Prévost, Nicole, 15th cent., Mascall, Leonard, d. 1589,, Myrepsus, Nicolaus, 13th cent.

London: Imprinted by Iohn Wolfe for Edward White, dwelling at the little north doore of Paules, at the signe of the Gunne, 1588.

A declaration of certaine qualities of seedes, hearbes, floures, rootes, and waters.

The foure greater hotte seedes, annisséede, fennell séede, comin séede, and carrowaies.

The foure lesser hotte séedes, ammi, amomum, smallage, yelow carrots.

The foure greater cold séedes, goordes, cucumbers, millons, and citrones.

The foure lesser cold séedes, endiue, succory, lettise, and purselaine.

The foure hotte ointments, maciaton, the ointment holihocke, ointment agaron, and agrippa.

The foure cold ointments. Vnguentum album, citrinum, populeon, and resumptiuum.

The foure hearbes assembled to haire, harts toong, tentewort, maiden haire, and ceterac.

The fiue common rootes which doo open, smallage, fennell, parsely, and sporage, and butchers broome.

The foure waters for to comfort the heart, endiue, suc∣cory, scabios, and langdebéefe.

The eight hearbes which be laxatiue, mallowes, mercury, holihock, paritarie, violets, colewoorts, branckursin, and betes.

The thrée common floures which be hotte, camomile, mellilot, and lillies.

The foure common floures which be cold, violets, roses, borage, landebeefe.