Ten Easy Ancient Roman & Medieval Appetizers You Could Serve at any Get Together

Since my kitchen is being remodeled and I am unable to cook -- it is a remodel that starts with replacing plumbing and electric and will end with a new kitchen.  I thought I might try something a little different.  Simply click the link to be taken to the page to find the recipe.

Please leave me a message and let me know if you would like to see more of these.

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Ancient Rome

Lucanicae--Grilled Sausage - This ancient Roman recipe creates a delicious sausage that you can serve alongside mustard, round it out with some olives, cheese and flatbread, fresh fruit and wine. You can't go wrong.

Epityrum--Olives--roughly chopped olives marinated in a blend of herbs, olive oil and vinegar--Leave whole for an entirely different presentation.  Delicious!

Moretum -- Herbed Cheese Spread - a delicious garlic and cheese based spread, serve as part of a cheese plate or on a vegetable tray. Can be made ahead of time and served as needed.

Aliter Sala Cattabia--Snow Cooled Alexandrian Loaf - Want an easy to eat chicken salad? Instead of using whole loaves of bread, use small rolls of bread stuffed with chicken, cucumber, cheese, capers, and onions and finished with a dressing made from pepper, mint, garlic, olive oil and coriander.  This dish could not be simpler to put together, eye catching and delicious.

Trimalchio's Pastry Eggs--hard boiled eggs, stuffed with the yolk, shrimp or chicken as you prefer, wrapped in pastry and baked.  A task made even simpler by purchasing your eggs already cooked and using store bought pastry.  Want something more elegant? Try quail eggs, stuffed with minced shrimp or chicken.

Late Medieval 

Torta D’agli-Garlic Tart - A rich and creamy cheese based tart flavored with garlic.  Make in mini-muffin tins to serve. 

Une Vinaigrette- A Vinager Dish--Sliced beef, lamb, or liver quickly grilled and served with a sauce of vinegar and broth, thickened with bread crumbs and seasoned with pepper, ginger, grains of paradise and saffron.  Take it one step further, and skewer the beef and onions before grilling and you have an easy to serve appetizer fit for a King.

To Stew Shrimps being taken out of their shells -- Shrimp, wine, lemon juice, capers, garlic, thyme and butter -- a dish that is as beautiful as it is elegant.

Savoury Tostyde-- a quick and easy to prepare cheese sauce, not unlike a fondue that can easily be served with similar ingredients, bread, cubes of meat, lightly steamed or raw vegetables. Affectionately dubbed "cheese crack" because once you taste it, you cannot stop going back for more. 

Compost--sweet, savory and mustardy pickled medieval vegetables, easily served alongside the Savoury Tostyde, or with dilled pickles, olives and capers as part of a relish tray.