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Ancient Recipes

Food Mosaic "A Taste of Rome"

Early Roman 

SCA Feast - Push for Pennsic July 9-11,2004 Early Roman Style Feast

Cucumeres (Braised Cucumber)
Lucanicae (grilled Sausages)
Epityrum (olives)
Moretum (herbed Cheese spread)
Petaso paro Mustacei (Smoked Pork (ham) with sweet Wine cakes)
Erebinthoi Knakosymmigeis (chickpeas with Saffron)
Krambe (Roman Cabbage)
Itria (Sesame Seed Biscuit)
Basyniai (Fig and Walnut Cakes)
Assorted Fresh and dried fruit
Assorted Sugared Nuts

Ceilidh XV's Early Roman Feast Held March 9, 2002

Rosatum (Rose Wine)
Aliter Sala Cattabia--Snow Cooled Alexandrian Loaf (Cumin bread stuffed with chicken, cheese, onions, pinenuts and capers)
Aliter Cymas--Roman Coleslaw (Boiled cabbage salad)
Lenticula de Castaneis (Lentils with Chestnuts)
Farcimina (Sausages)
Pullus Farsilis (Stuffed Chicken in Sour Sauce)Trimalchio's Pastry Eggs (hard boiled eggs stuffed with shrimp or chicken, wrapped in pastry and baked)
Betas (Raisin stuffed beets)
Caroetae Frictae (Fried Carrots)
Aliter Porros (Char-broiled Leeks)
Apothermum sic Facies (Bulgur with Nuts and Raisins)
Dulcia Domestica--Home made Sweet (Stuffed Dates in Honey)

Anglo Saxon

Ceilidh XVI March 29th, 2003 

*Featuring Recipes from Mary Savelli's Tastes of Anglo Saxon England

Mearh Smeamete -Sausage Casserole
Hlaf - Bread
Æppla Syfling -Apple Butter
Caules Wyrtmete -Cabbage salad
Hriðer Smeamete Stewed Beef
Beren Briw Barley Polenta
Hunigbæe Moran Honeyed Carrots
Brǣdan Fisc-Fish baked with Coriander (Ancient Recipe - Apicius) 
Pisan Peas with salt and oil*
Sumerlio rnearhgehæcc Summer Pudding***
Hunigæppel Honey Nut Cakes